RC Snowmobiles

Models seen on this website are not for sale. This site is dedicated to getting manufacturer support.

Welcome to my website! The models on this site are "one of a kind", hand made Radio Controlled Models built by
Jordan Krupp from Ontario, Canada.

 These models are NOT in production but were built solely for my own enjoyment and love of the great winter sport of snowmobiling and radio controlled models.
It is my goal to "Partner" or "Collaborate" with a serious and highly skilled company that can bring a good "Race Spec" or "Vintage Scale" in either Nitro or electric versions of an RCS[Radio Controlled Snowmobile] to the market for the eager and patient snowmobilers and R/C enthusiasts alike.

 Never before has there been an RCS model that exhibits scale performance and quality that many people are asking for in a production "Scale" radio controlled snowmobile.

 I feel Snowmobilers deserve to be recognized and saluted in the R/C industry and this site is my personal
"tip of the hat."

 It has always been my objective and dream to create an RCS model that has all the same features, with the performance and realism of the "full-size" machines, from a 1962 Ski-doo to the current "race spec" state of the art
Ski-doo Rev and the famous oval track race sleds driven by "The Greats" of the sport!

 I would like to thank all the people that have inspired me over the years, from the Great racers that have
"laid it on the line" and all the amazing wonderful people my RCS hobby has allowed me to meet!

 Also, thanks to all the people that have sent me E-mails of encouragement and praise, this means a lot!
Please be patient, production is inevitable and looking promising!

Thanks. I hope you enjoy!